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4 Seasons Gardening information story for the next 4 century. 

From Big Bang around 14 billion years ago, the Hottest and coldest temperature was, is and going to be from around absolute zero -273 coldest to +10*32 zero degrees hottest in the universe and planet earth globally. ( from coldest -273.15 Celsius or to −459.67° on the Fahrenheit or zero Kelvin scale to 100’s billion or 10*32 Hottest is the ups and down about energy )

In these temperatures from -273 to 100 billion degrees coldest and hottest temperature, the living creature was created, or evolutionally start to live, grow and do/have? reproduction in ( round numbers ) temperature betwine -100 to +100 Celsius or more precisely betwine -50 to +50 Celsius on earth.


( For 4 seasons garden project, we choose relevant lucky numbers 4, 40, 400, and so on… ) So in about, from -40 to +40 Celsius degree witch most or %90+ of humans and living creature lives in the water or lands globally.

To put together in easy to remember and words, for everyone especially for billions of student now and in the future 

using relevant numbers are:

14 billion years from the Big Bang universe, and

4 billion years from the beginning of life, and

400 million years from life on lands, 

40 million years from primate life, 

4 million years from human life, 

400/000 years from Homosapien life, 

40/000 years from human immigration around the globe,

4000 years history from civilized human and writing history and 

400 years after the publishing of Folio Shakespeares book in the English language, and 

40 years after transistor, computer and internet and

4 to 6 years after the year 2015 UN 17 Goals to Transform Our World agreement


2+ Second Writing


Four Seasons Gardening Story and History

Humans, like most animals in nature, was only had food with hunting and gathering for millions of years for 1 or 2 seasons abundantly, and for 2 or 3 and 4 seasons little by little, if could be found, was just for the survival of lucky ones. 

Only humans from around 10/000 years ago, especially from 4000 years ago, start agriculture, gardening, farming, domesticated animals, and saves foods for more seasons even for all seasons year around.

In recent years, there are billions ( with their families about 4 billion ) people working in agriculture to produce foods for themself and all humans and even for some animals. 

There are around 2 billion people make 90%+ of their own foods, 

and around 2 billion people make more than %50+ of their own foods, 

and around 2 billion people make more than %25+ of their own foods,

and around 2 billion people make %10 to %0 of their own foods to eat and save for all seasons year around. 

By the year 2050, most of 8 or 9 or 10 billion people ( %60 to %70 + ) going to live in or around the city and produce less and less foods for themself and for others. At the same time, everyone likes it, and health experts also nutritionists recommend to eat more fresh natural foods, especially more fruits and vegetables all year around even in the fall and winter.

As one of the best solutions, some humans from a few thousand years ago, especially from a few hundred years ago, stars 2 or 3 even 4 seasons gardening and farming. 

Smart Humans in the first and second decades of the twenty-first century from the year 2000 to 2010 and to 2020 becomes more serious and making much more 2, 3, and 4 seasons gardening more and more all around the globe possible. Every year more people becoming informed, interested, agree, involve, invest in, support, order even pre-order, and buy four seasons produce happily and joyfully eat them with satisfaction even in the winter.


3+ Third Writing


Smart eBooks Reading, Information Story, and History

All living animals are always watching, listening, feeling, and need natural information to find their own water, foods, safety, family, living places, and other needs. 

Human kinds, Homo spains ( The wise man ) beside all-natural information, for the last 10/000 years wanted learning and knowing of manmade artificial information by sounds or talking words ( mostly as short and long stories all was in the size of a few books or just around 100/000 words).

Humans for the last 4000 years invented or created writing systems, learning to read their written information, and from 500 years ago printing words, so collective information becomes ( more than 100/000 books ).

By becoming from the agricultural age to the industrial age by the invention of printing, collected information for reading from the past and resents writing, add ups to ( More than 100 million books to read plus lots of letters, newspapers, magazines, documents and etc. )

With the invention of typing, computers, the internet from 70 years ago, and digitally storing data, collective information becomes ( more than 100s billion books and doubling each year ).

From hunting and gettering foods to finding and collecting information, from between of billions or abounded data, and do not get lost, confuse or lose time, money, and life become very very difficult.

In the information age,

information society,

information economy,

information base education

the right information is the best and most valuable thing to have,

and not knowing, or being ignorant, wrong, or lots of mixed information’s are the worst thing to have, and most costly situation to be in.

From the year 2000 some smart people creat smartphones ( or smart tables, laptops computers ) for managing information the smart way to use smartphones to call, and receive call or email, SMS, reading ebooks, websites and news, listen to music or any audio, search and find the answer to any question, maps, and direction, GPS, watching video or youtube, write, type, record, take a picture, make videos, apps, multimedia, interactive social networking, receive news, weather forecast, watch sport play games, buy, sell, make financial transactions and businesses, online learning, and education, plus much more and more coming each month…. 

For most people, the smartphone becomes the best, number 1 and the most impotent gadget to have and use all the time.

In 2020 there are 4 billion smartphones in use and in the next five years going to increase to around 6 billion-plus and every 5 years they have to be upgraded to 5 billion a brand new smartphone.

Also by repeat upgrade or updates soon from a few hundred time to a few million, billion time better, faster with more advance function and useful benefits.

The next big development in the information industry is to connecting smart gadgets too (AI) Artificial Intelligence to manage abundant information and digital activity by one or a few supercomputers.

Finding the right information at the right time, right place, and the right situation are having the right and highest benefits of information ages.

Setting Smart goals ( S.M,A.R.T Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals ) recommended for all valuable purposes of life.

Smart eBooks Reading means to chose to read, and learn first priority information to achieve goals of life. That’s mean to find

right books, ebooks, magazines, documents, information and focus with full attention, to concentrate for archiving top priority of life goals in any situation.

Pak Organization and Company ( startup ) make its own mission and vision with passion, to collect Smartphones, ebooks, and all kinds of reading or using the information techniques for more people, Globally by Promoting.

Best 100 Smart eBooks Reading, Techniques, Information, eBooks, Books, Products, and Services plus lots of Promotional Contents, Free for all Visitors at: www.Smartebooksreading.info

[ Some of the best motivational, promotional, informational, educational documentary, and sample books, ebooks, video, audio, music, pictures, links, about Smart eBooks Reading From top to bottom of the page to read or watch, listen, learn, use and to enjoy with satisfaction ] [ Copyrighted materials are for fair use only, to use for any other purpose contact for permission from all party of copyright holders are required. ] 

Promotional Guide charges members and companies some membership and promotional fees.

For the buyers of any items, prices are the same as they buy directly from Amazon or other companies. but with buying here receiving lots of Promotional Contents, also supporting to be Free for all Visitors at: www.Smartebooksreading.info


4+ Fourth writing


Atlantis Islands 4 Seasons Gardens Story

Welcome, Lady’s and Gentlemen, to visit Global four seasons gardens islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

There are many dream islands, 100’s of a kilometer long and wide.

Spring gardens are on the east side, summer gardens in sought,

Fall gardens are in the west, and winter gardens on the north side.

Our tour is to visit, look, shop, meet, ask and try the best 100 related show, exhibition, market, meeting professional and exports, new ideas, information, products, and services for 4s gardening.

We are prude to answer your questions. I’m John Detak, your librarian tour guide in this visit, and this is my assistant Bill and our office manager, Linda, and also our Robot Comycom2030.

We hope. Your goals are to find the best 100 questions and answers about 4s gardening.

As you see in your best 100 schedules list before going to gardens, we have an information reformation desk to harmonize and connect everyone’s smartphone with our central computer.

These are for communication to be better understand and to be understood to realize and be realized best 100 goals, words, numbers, signs, symbols, massages plus for 4 Seasons Gardening.

Now for understanding, getting familiar, we start with q/a if you agree you can say yes or no even with percentage -%+ to the agreement,

++++++++++++++ Story continue with +++++++++++++

Today we continue with our tour to

www. smart ebooks reading .info.

Yes, we are going to smart city, smart ebooks exhibition, reading globe library, information library, and much more best100plus + global reading, smart building, smart tools, smart gadgets, and meet some smart readers.


The ebooks show

Today we came to the ebooks Showcase inside of Books exhibition. Before we go around and visit different part, lets go and site first,,, to hear and see the ebooks history witch just starting now.

Bill helps everyone to site, and the speaker starts.

Thanks to everyone for coming. we are stating with

Smart Rosy for Rosalind story

Smart rosy is a developed with more benefits in smartphone and other smart devices and reality in nature is a symbol of smart 4s garden rose or spring rose, summer rose, fall and winter rose or roses for all seasons. Smart rosy’s are in many verities and multi-purpose, and each bush produce 100 plus roses year around.

They have the most beautiful pleasant looks to see with many colors, loveliest and finest fragrant to smell, edible with delicious tastes to eat or to put in drinks or make tea, softest pleasant touch, easy to dehydrate and keep them for decoration, durable after the cut for weeks and more in the water.

++++ end of writing ++++++