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First person first, one person at the time!

To 4 billion and 7.8 billion persons plus in the globe.


For year 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024!

And 2030 UN Development Goals and 2045 United Nation 100 Anniversary

and 2000 to 2100 or 21 century and to 2200 twenty second century, to 2300 twenty tried century, to 2400 and twenty four century.

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A harvest moon. Its orange color is due to greater Rayleigh scattering as the moon appears close above the horizon, rather than being unique to harvest moons.[14]

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The full Moon of 22 October 2010, as seen through a 235 mm (9.25 in) Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. This full Moon was near its northernmost ecliptic latitude (or northern lunistice), so the southern craters are especially prominent and cast shadows visible from Earth.

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Humans like most animals in nature was only had foods with hunting and gathering for millions of years for 1 or 2 seasons abundantly, and for 2 or 3 and 4 seasons little by little, if could be found, was just for surviving of lucky ones. Only humans from around 10/000 years ago especially from 4000 years ago start agriculture, gardening, farming, domesticated animals and saves foods for more seasons even for all seasons year around.

Globally, in recent years, there are billions ( with their families about 4 billion ) people working in agriculture to produce foods for themself and all humans and even for some animals. There are around 2 billions of people makes 90%+ of their own foods, and around 2 billions of people make more then %50+ of their own foods, and around 2 billions of people %25 and around 2 billion makes %10 to %0 of their own foods to eat and save for all seasons year around. By the year 2050 most of 8, 9 or 10 billion people ( %60 to %70 + ) going to live in or around the city and produce less and less foods for themself and for others. In the same time, every one like it, and health experts also nutritionist recommends to eat more fresh natural foods especially more fruits and vegetables all year around even in the fall and winter.

As one of the best solutions, some humans from a few thousand years ago, especially from a few hundred years ago, stars 2 or 3 even 4 seasons gardening and farming. Smart Humans in the first and second decades of the twenty-first century from the year 2000 to 2010 and to 2020 becomes more serious and making much more 2, 3, and 4 seasons gardening more and more all around the globe possible. Every year more people becoming informed, interested, agree, involve, invest in, support, order even pre-order, and buy four seasons produce happily and joyfully eat them with satisfaction even in the winter.


Pak Organization and Company ( startup ) makes its own mission and vision with passion, to take this best solution of four seasons Gardening to produce more foods for more people, Globally by Promoting.

Pak Company, 4 Seasons Gardening collection, the Best 100 Global 4 Seasons Gardening Flowers, Greens, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods, Books, eBooks, Information, Products, Services, and lots of Promotional Contents, Free for all Visitors plus

Global, ( Spring Gardening + Summer Gardening + Fall Gardening + Winter Gardening) plus ( all about Water and Drinking Water + Fire and Sunshine Energy + Air and Weather + Soil and Foods ) plus Rose Gardens + Flowers Gardens + Health Foods + Centenarians Info + Vision 2020 + Shakespeare in 4 Languages + Best 100 Plus Daily, Weekly, Monthly full moon days and nights, and Seasonal, 21th of March Spring Day, 21th of June Summer Day, 21th of September Fall Day, 21th of December Winter Day, 4 Seasons Gardening, Celebration, Shows, Exhibitions, Markets, and Events also online with websites, smartphone apps, ( Smart ebooks reading information ), computers, interactive, multi-media, social media, youtube, and the internet, plus

4 seasons gardening at all levels. For personal, families, groups, companies, organizations, villages, cities, countries, local and global 1,2,3, and 4 seasons gardening, to produce for commercial abundantly and for families as much as possible, and at a personal level each individual to grow and produce for themself minimum of,

To grow 100 + Grams daily or 100 + of flowers daily ( Roses and other flowers mostly edible )

To grow 100 + Grams daily of Greens ( Herbs, Sprouts )

To grow 100 + Grams daily of Vegetables

To Grow 100 + Grams daily of Fruits


400 gram plus daily all year around or for 4 seasons producing fresh flowers, greens, vegetables and fruits = 400t365 = 146000 or 146 klgrmt100yr=15000= 15 tons

These foods are produce and used as natural, fresh, raw, organic, local, foods for living long and healthy.

also growing, and producing their own foods naturally with love, and especial care, environmental are natural, beautiful, healthy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relaxing, calming, joyful, helpful, happy, hobby, or even some work, job, and business to keep body and mind 100 plus year life long busy and active) ( less stress, worry, anxiety, sadness, depression, emptiness, fear, anger, haters, violence, also mental, emotional, and physical sickness for being far from nature and nothing to do)

( less time, money, use of unnatural energy, pollution to produce, transport, cook, and destroyed environments, their natural vitamins, and nutritional value )

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